Recipes for ‘trahana’ (for our non-greek-speaking-friends)


‘Trahanas’ is a dough made of sour milk and wheat flour. We spread the dough into small pieces and we let it dry. Then, we pass it through a rasp to turn it to its final form.



trahanas-soup-2Recipe nr 1 –> The soup for the cold winter nights.

Ingredients (makes 3-4 plates):

1 small bowl of trahanas / 7 same bowls of water, 1 tomato, half chicken bouillon, a spoonful of butter.

Croutons and feta cheese to serve it with.


We peel the tomato, take the seeds off and mash it into tomato juice. We add a pinch of sugar and some black pepper, and put it in a casserole to start cooking, along with the water and the bouillon. When the water starts boiling, we add the trahanas. We keep stirring as long as possible to keep the trahanas of sticking at the bottom of the pot. 10-15 minutes should be enough to get it ready, then we turn of the stove and add the butter.

As long as the butter melts, we roast the croutons (1 slice of bread cut in small cubes and sprayed with some olive oil, 5 minutes in the oven).

We serve hot, after we add some of the croutons in each plate and, if you like, some rasped feta cheese (or parmesan cheese – goes as well).

Recipe nr 2 –> The ‘risoto’ with trahana



250 gr of trahana

1 leek, 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic

2-3 tomatoes (peeled and mashed)

Approx. 1 lt of chicken broth

1) We cut in very small pieces the leek, the onion and the garlic.

2) We saute the above in some olive oil and we add the tomatoes and the trahana.

3) In another pot we have the boiling chicken broth, from which we add little by little in the trahana, stirring all the time as the broth is being absorbed by the mix.

4) We repeat for about 10 minutes, as long as it takes for the trahana to get softened.

5) We finish the dish with butter, some pepper and -optionally some feta or parmesan cheese.

This kind of cooking can have plenty of variations, as you can do with the original risoto – mushroms, chicken, shrimps, vegetables… anything!

Recipe nr 3 –> The trahana croquettes



The above left overs of trahana-risoto

Some beschuitjes powder (if it is very juicy)

Some green seasoning (either spearmint, persil, or dill)

Some more feta cheese

So, we add some paneermeel to the mix, if it is very juicy, we add the seasoning and the cheese,  we mold small round balls and we fry them in very hot frying oil for a short time, until they get some colour. Yummie!

Good luck and bon appetit ;-)

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